Warranty Statement

Warranty Statement

Hoki Warranty/Maintenance Service provides comprehensive coverage for appliance hardware warranty, software license agreements, software hot-fixes, version upgrade, and technical support under a single, common set of agreements, and processes. To ensure your VIDEOEYE appliance availability, access the latest software version, and obtain remote technical support, we recommend that you purchase the service at the time of Hoki production acquisition. Additionally, this Warranty/Maintenance Service option is generally renewable on an annual basis. If you have any question regarding the Warranty/Maintenance Service, please contact your regional Hoki sales representative or service/support center.

Warranty/Maintenance Service

Whether you purchase VIDEOEYE appliances (which includes hardware and VIDEOEYE software) or purchase VIDEOEYE software platform and AI analytics license only, you are committing to an annual Warranty/Maintenance fee to maintain the hardware warranty and software maintenance include version upgrade.

Hoki Warranty/Maintenance Services includes:

  1. VIDEOEYE Hardware Warranty (applicable for appliance product)
  • DOA/RMA process for hardware parts repair and/or replacement
  • Turnaround time within 14 working days upon DOA/RMA request
  1. VIDEOEYE Software Maintenance
  • Software License Agreement (please find it on the About Us page of Hoki Software)
  • Software hot fixes
  • Software version upgrade protection
  1. Technical Support
  • 5*8 remote service
  • Service channels: email, Skype, Support Portal

Free limited Warranty for the first year

  • Hoki provides a free limited first-year warranty from the date of shipment or other mutually agreed upon date if you did not purchase the Warranty/Maintenance Service at the time of purchasing the Hoki product.
  • The free limited first-year warranty includes:
  • Hoki appliance product 1 +-year hardware warranty
  • Hoki software significant bug fixing

Warrant/Maintenance Service Extension

  • Warranty/Maintenance Service is generally renewable to extend the service period on an annual basis. The annual Warranty/Maintenance Service fee is 15% of the total list price of the hardware and software licenses.
  • The Warranty/Maintenance Service available to extend if it us under effective service period.
  • If the Warranty/Maintenance Service is not extended by the due date the service is considered lapsed, support will be systematically terminated.
  • To reinstate the service after lapsed, the customer must pay the full Warranty/Maintenance Service period expense to Hoki, which includes all Warranty/Maintenance Service expiration period expense.

Hardware Warranty Terms

  • Hoki hardware products, including all appliances and storage modules/boxes, are under warranty against defects in materials and workmanship during the warranty service period.
  • Exceptions to #1 include cases where the defect is the result of misuse or damage y the user.
  • For individual VIDEOEYE appliance warranty coverage, please refer to the warranty date on the license page of the VIDEOEYE software.
  • If the product is repaired or replaced, the repaired or replaced product will continue to be under warranty for the remaining time of the original warranty period, or three months from the date of repair or replacement, whichever is longer.
  • When the product is sent to Hoki or your distributor//reseller for maintenance, the period of maintenance before and after the repair or replace is calculated as part of the warranty period.

Dead on Arrival (DOA)

  • The defective hardware product that fails to work normally upon arrival at the customer’s side is considered DOA.
  • The term applies to 30 days from the date of shipment from Hoki
  • Hoki will pay all delivery fee for the DOA product shipment

Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)

  • Customer will pay the delivery fee for RMA product shipped to Hoki, Hoki will pay the delivery fee for RMA product returned to Customer.
  • Warranty of repaired and replaced products
  • Products that have been repaired or replaced are warranted only for the unexpired portion of the original warranty period, or for three months form the date of the repair/replace, whichever is longer.
Cost of Product Shipping
Product Ship to Hoki Product Ship to Customer
DOA Paid by Hoki Paid by Hoki
RMA Paid by Customer Paid by Hoki
Out of Warranty Paid by Customer Paid by Customer


  • Customer sends email to support@hoki.co, issues a service ticket and fills un the product serial number.
  • Hoki Support team checks the warranty status based on the product serial number. If under warranty, Hoki Support Team will reply to the ticket with DOA/RMA number via Support Portal or email.
  • Customer ships the unit to Hoki with the DOA/RMA number.
  • Hoki will repair and ship the unit back to Customer within 14 working days.

Out of Warranty

  • Depending on the service period of the hardware product, units that are out of warranty will be processed in accordance with the following guidelines:

Out of warranty but within Service Period: happens when the warranty has expired but the maintenance service remains effective.

  • If product repair or replacement is necessary, the same RMA procedure will be applied.
  • Customer mist be responsible for all fees for shipping, inspecting, repairing and/or replacing.
  • Hoki will provide customer with detailed quotation and per-forma invoice.
  • Customer’s confirmation signature to be aforementioned per-forma invoice is required.
  • Hoki hereby reserves all rights to refuse repair/replacement services if customer does not sign the invoice back within one month from the date of its issuance.

End of Life (EOL)

  • When a product reaches the end-of-life stage, this product still carriers its warranty until the announcement of End of Service (EOS).
  • Please refer to Hoki’s announcement for the date of EOL.

End of Service (EOS)

  • RMA service will be discontinued once the product reaches the end-of-service stage.
  • Please refer to Hoki’s announcement for the date of EOS.

Exclusion of Warranty

  • This limited warranty applies only to the hardware components of the product as originally delivered and does not apply to any software or other equipment. Hoki reserves the authority to determine whether the defective product should be repaired.
  • This warranty does not cover the replacement of products damaged by abue, accident, misuse, neglect, alteration, natural disaaster/act of God, improper installation, and improper testing.

This limited warranty also does not apply to any products that have been repaired by anyone other than Hoki.