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What We Do

We specialize in building digital solutions for Sports, Entertainment & Gaming industries.

As a full-service multi-industry partner, we deliver strategy, design, engineering, development and managed services to brands, companies, organizations, businesses and startups all over the world. Moving beyond disruptive innovations, where revolutionary ideas drive the next big growth areas, we adopted a multidimensional approach to supercharges the effort to bring these projects to market.

Our Innovations

We are at the heart of many creative and innovative changes in Video, Data technologies and Digital Platform technologies and business models and continues to be true today. Now, at a time when the industry is going through a period of dramatic change after the pandemic, Hoki is positioning itself as the distinctive market player in multiple areas of digital platforms in different domains like Video, Data, Commerce, Healthcare, Education, Gaming, Data Security.

Tech Stack

What we are working on now?

We continuously build new innovative product, develop new solutions, test new integrations, grow the ecosystem.

Customers can be assured that we are always ahead of the industry, and can rapidly respond to changing market and technology requirements to support their needs.


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Industry Experts

We are building a global community of vetted industry experts, key opinion leaders and seasoned executives ready to share with us their experience and add additional layers of insight to our business. They bring with them the diversity, innovation and uniqueness of vision. To keep pace with rapid innovation in different industry, we turned to our industry experts for inspirations to design and build the future-proof solutions for our clients.

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