Our Approach

We build business together with our aspiring entrepreneur.

HOKI is the seedbed of a few ambitious projects in different domains, multiple industry and multiple dimension that reaches Minimum Viable Product.

HOKI expects business continuity and future benefits as from these projects in the form of a positive return.

We do not think of ourself only as producer of goods or services. Instead, we see ourself as ‘buyer of customers’ who create goods and services to onboard customers into a commercial relationship. The heart of HOKI is organisms that create and maintain customers.

Ideas are useless unless used. The proof of their value is in their implementation. Until then, they are in limbo.
— Theodore Levitt
Our Philosophy

Creativity is not enough, and is not the miraculous road to business growth and affluence, but is really about thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things.



Creativity = Ideas = Novelty



Innovation = Ideas + Action = Novelty + Value